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Faced with a worldwide coronavirus threat, we're analyzing many media and data sources on the spread of infection in Russia everyday. Here is a summary with some interactive visualizing. It will be recalculated as frequent as it possible.

Cumulative virus cases graph

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Russia's cases summary that boiled down to one sentence

On 29.07, there are 828990 confirmed cases in Russia (5475 new in a past day, average growth per last 142 days is ~5838), 194983 active cases, 620333 recovered and 13674 deceased.

Confirmed: 828990
Rt: 0.95
Recovered: 620333
Deaths: 13674

Latest news on coronavirus outbreak worldwide

Time: GMT+3 (Moscow)

Covid-19 outbreak: Russia vs India

Comparison of the spreads in Russia and India, that had approximately the same situation on mid-March

There was 63 confirmed cases in Russia on Mar 15, and 63 confirmed cases in India on Mar 10.

On 29.07 there are 828990 confirmed cases in Russia and 1538899 cases in India.

Rate of growth per day, cases in Russia

A growth of the Covid-19 confirmed cases in Russia, as was on 29.07

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Big Moscow vs other regions: New confirmed cases spread

Latest update: 29.07

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The city of Moscow and nearby Moscow Region are the epicentre of the outbreak in Russia in March-April 2020. Moscow's coronavirus crisis center has been disclosure the regional statistics data since March 25, 2020. Here is the trend on new virus cases in the Big Moscow and other regions of the Russian Federation.

Diseased vs recovered in Russia

Latest update: 29.07

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Recovered patients in Russia, per cent



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We're not an officials. This website isn't an official source on the coronavirus situation in Russia. Our team is part of the editorial team of the Russia-based Pan Pacific Agency. Pan Pacific Agency is a News & Analytical Agency on the domestic and cross-border policy, economy and interstate relations of the largest Pacific countries from West America to South-East Asia and Oceania, including Indo-Pacific Region. You can find out more info about the agency at this link.


Fatality statistics explanation

A few days of March official Russian statistics claimed that there wasn't any deaths from coronavirus. Russia reported its first coronavirus-related death of a 79 y.o. woman in Moscow with underlying health issues who died from pneumonia after testing positive for the virus, on March 19. First fatality case was confirmed by the Moscow's mayor in his Twitter.

Later, official cause of death was listed as a blood clot, not pneumonia. So, Russia's official Covid-19 fatality count was reseted to zero, although JHU's dashboard began to consider deaths equal to 1 from this date.

Two more patients, 88 and 73 y.o., who tested positive for the coronavirus have died on evening March 25, city government’s headquarters for the Covid-19 pandemic reported. These cases didn't affect the official death counter that day (but affect a day later). We counted fatality to 3 on March 25, JHU's dashboard did it too.

On evening March 27, there was a fourth official death in Russia (fifth in our counter), 56 y.o. woman died with increasing manifestations of multiple organ failure.

57 y.o. man died in Orenburg on Saturday's morning (Mar 28). This victim was a sixth according our counter (the official number of victims remained 4 on that day). Later on evening two more patients with coronavirus died, in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

In this way, Russia's official statistics published on every morning are slightly late.

For example, on the morning of March 31, authorities said that 17 people had died from the coronavirus. This result was summarised by the end of the previous day, March 30. On March 31, the media reported that five more patients died in Moscow, one - in the Pskov Region, and another - in the Perm Territory. Thus, on the evening of March 31, we calculated 26 deaths (adding to this the first death in Moscow on March 19, later reseted to zero, an one more case in St. Petersburg). On the morning of April 1, official deaths toll rises to 24, as coronavirus crisis center published.

Another terrible example with incorrect coronavirus statistics is the story with an editor-in-cheif of the Perm media Anastasia Petrova. Many details of her death became known on Apr 2. According to Russian media, on March 24, our colleague was hospitalized with pneumonia diagnosed. The 1st coronavirus test was positive, but required additional testing. The 2nd test was also positive, as Anastasia Petrova herself told friends on March 29. She died on March 31. Only on Apr 1 regional medical authorities confirmed that the victim probably had a coronavirus, and on Apr 2 said that it was exactly so.

This gap is a problem: we don't know exactly what's happening with coronavirus patients right now. We strongly recommend you to validate all msgs on coronavirus deaths, as we do.


Our main sources

We are visualizing the Covid-19 situation in Russia starting March 15, 2020, when more than 50 cases had officially confirmed. More news on coronavirus spread are available at the Pan Pacific Agency's website.

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